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Effondrements et Géopolitique du COVID-19 par Pierre Fournié, Alain Juillet, Henri Dou editions Anima Corsa - Collapses and Geopolitics of COVID-19

novembre 4th, 2020 Posted in Africa, Europe, France, Indian Ocean, North Africa, North America

 covid anaima corsa

Pandemic, mirror of our society where lies, responsibilities, health, safety, particular interests jostle! Understanding this pivotal moment becomes a necessity, a civic duty. Where are we, where are we going? This is what the book Collapses and Geopolitics of Covid-19 puts into perspective. Very well documented, it constitutes a basis for reflection which beyond the present moment projects us into the possible futures of the post-pandemic. This book is available at Amazon or directly to the editor: or or by phone tel 33 (0)782 178 720

The period we are going through is unique in its unfolding and its consequences. As digital experts tell us of the triumph of the digital man over nature and life, this is the first time in modern history that health, economic and social systems have been shaken globally. The shock is terrible, the consequences enduring, and the lessons to be learned multiple, especially since the situation can happen again at any time. It is a astonishing since most of the experts  announced 20 years ago  a possible major pandemic at the world level. This is why, far from any ideology and the quarrels of specialists in the world of health, we must try to understand and analyze. This book deals with the period extending from the start of the pandemic until the month of July 2020. It places the events and decisions taken in the context of the 5 stages of the collapse of Dmitry Orlov (Political, Commercial, Social, Cultural , Environmental), author of one of the founding books of collapsology. It is supplemented by three chapters dealing with the end of the pandemic, foresight and the failure of the state apparatus. Very well documented, it allows the reader to follow the chronology of the decisions which guided health and economic policies, with a national and international vision. The analyzes developed by the authors, based on facts and their experience, highlight the lack of anticipation and short-term management that characterize the period. They demonstrate the need to orient development towards a model different from current neoliberalism. This reference work can be used to document the unfolding of this 6-month period which upset our vision of the present and future world, but also to deepen the relationship between decision and action in times of crisis.


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