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Examples of frugal development - Example from La Réunion but evident transposition to Indonesia and Africa

novembre 21st, 2019 Posted in Africa, Asia, France, Indian Ocean

reunion frugal 

Today the bottom of the pyramid (the people with low income) are directly concerned by the frugal development. It is clear, that to improve the way of life of this part of the population, the frugal development must take a large part.  If the new technologies may solve some problems, the system becomes more powerful when it is coupled with the frugal concept. This consist to develop products and services robust  and with a good efficiency but at the lower price as possible. The example of the paper from Henri Dou, Jacky KIster and Max Lebreton is a good example of this application. The various steps follow by the authors to analyze a problem, to use already produced research (from patent) and to adapt them to the local situation can be followed in various fields. This is the reason why this type of reasoning can be applied in various countries and most particularly in Indonesia and Africa. This concept, develop first in India which consist to to plus with less will be one of the main concern in the today transition. The full text of this paper is available HERE.

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