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Une Intelligence Economique et Stratégique pour les PMI et ETI en France - Competitive and Strategic Intelligence for French’s SMIs.

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Cet article vient d’être publié dans Vie te Science de l’Entreprise, n°204, 15 Mai 2018, dans le cadre d’une tribune libre. Les auteurs Christophe Bisson et Henri Dou soulignent dans cet article l’importance pour les PMI et ETI françaises de mettre en place les éléments informationnels qui leur permettront de développer une stratégie orienté à la fois au niveau national mais surtout au niveau international.

Abstract: Abstract:

Following the establishment of the Strategic Information and Economic Security Service (CISSE) in January 2016, and the willingness of the French government to implement another approach concerning Economic Intelligence. It is proposed a simple, complete and practical model so that SMEs, and intermediate sized companies can better understand the message related to the Economic Intelligence
and its competitive purpose. This new model of development of Economic and Strategic Intelligence which is a Strategic Early Warning System is based on the strengthening of analysis during the technological and strategic scanning, the modeling of the strategic environment of the company which is used for the creation of dynamic scenarios. The most important scenarios for the company are then played, to simulate the actions of major players in the market. The efficiency of this model is shown for the company Altix, a French high-tech SME and a world leader in the imaging for the Printed Circuit Board sector.

Keywords: Economic and strategic intelligence, strategic early warning system, technological and strategic watch, dynamic scenarios, strategic simulation, SMEs, and intermediate sized companies.

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