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DU Intelligence Economique Université de Corse. Journée Ajaccienne 13 Avril 2018. Competitive Intelligence Ajaccio University of Corsica

avril 23rd, 2018 Posted in Europe, France

ajaccio presse DU 13 Avril

This is the 13th of April that a special presentation  concerning the SRIE (Schéma Regional d’Intelligence Economique de la Corse) was held in the Palais of Congress of Ajaccio.  Various interventions were done concerning the orientations, key points and further imporvements of the next SRIE. Among the interventions the President of the ADEC underlined the importance of this meeting to develop new incentives and developments of the Island. Alain Juillet, Philippe Clerc and Henri Dou presneted different aspects of the competitive intelligenec for the future of Corsica as well as the necessity to develop an intergrated system of information for the decisions makers. At the end of the session different interventions of the audience pin pointed various aspects of the SRIE and indicated that the specificities of the island resources should be considered in teh schema.

The presentation of Alain Juillet is available HERE(AJ) as well as the presentation of Henri Dou HERE(HD)

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