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Diplôme d’Intelligence Economique - Competitive Intelligence - Université de Corse - University of Corsica - Session II

février 8th, 2018 Posted in Africa, Europe, France, Indian Ocean, North Africa

University of Corsica - Pasquale Paoli 

The second session of the Diploma of Competitive Intelligence has been held in Corte in spite of various difficult due to the snow storm in Paris. Henri Dou (from Marseille) and Alain Juillet and Philippe Clerc (both from Paris), presented the following aspects of Competitive Intelligence: thinkink differently, access to information, Intelligence and Economic Intelligence, French school of Competitive Intelligence. The various documents presented  during the session are available here:  Think differentaccess to informationThe Google World, Du renseignement à l’Intelligence économique, French school of Competitive Intelligence, Ingérence1Risques contrat Cifre

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