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A Chinese delegation of Beijing Institute of Science & Technology Information received by CCI of France and by French experts in Competitive Intelligence -

décembre 22nd, 2017 Posted in Asia, Europe, France

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Chine CCIF 2017 groupe Introduction by Philippe Clerc: We received 4 experts from the Beijing Institute of Science and Technology Information. The Institute is part of the network of Public Institutes of IST created since the 1950s (1958) by Mao in each Province. In the 1980s, they operated their “open source revolution” and became interested through Pr. Qihao Miao - who led the Shanghai Institute for Competitive Intelligence. CCI France, thanks to Prof. Henri DOU, has been able to get in touch with and in cooperation with this Peking Institute for several years (It had as students some current experts). The relationship was consolidated thanks to Pr. Qihao Miao who opened the contact with the other Provinces and precisely Hunan (Provincial Center of IC). We exchange regularly with him. He will be speaking at the 5th International Meeting in Dakhla (Morocco) in December. For 2 years the Beijing Institute has put us in touch with the Academy of Science and Technology of Beijing. We were invited to Beijing and we received last year (Charles Huit was with us) the Vice-President of the Academy, here at CCI France. Also behind the 4 experts of the Delegations of November 20th, it is necessary to read their network (Peking University, Academy of Science and Technology, Institute of Science for Science). These collaborations allow us to appreciate some essential elements of the Chinese progress in IE and to weave cooperation on local development and in the field of the industry of the future and China 2025.

Chine CCIF 2017 delegation Chine A selection of the presentations among the program are presented here: Zhao Fang presentation of the Chinese Institute, Menghui Li Interaction between science fields, Thibault Renard Intelligence Economique en TPE-PME, Khemili Alain Innovation in the French CCI network, Professor Henri Dou Autonomy driving forces

During the meeting various technical questions were discussed by the audience plans for the continuation of the Franco - Chinese  collaboration were planed.  The conclusion was very positive and exchanges of documents and practices between the twe expert’s delegations were implemented.

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