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Intelligence Economique - Formation Doctorale Université de Corse - Corte - L’expérience Varoise, une nouvelle articulation du territoire. The Var experience a new structuration of the Territory - Henri Dou

octobre 19th, 2017 Posted in Europe, France

The 3rd March 2017, Professor Henri Dou presented at the doctorale formation of the University of Corse - Corte - The Var Experience - A new Structuration of the Territory. In France the Competitive Intelligence which was a National concern, is now coming back to the regional level. In this context the Note’s Law (creation of new French Regions) push many Regional Executive to develop Regional Programs of Competitive Intelligence. These programs will be mainly devoted to large development and infra-structures. But the regions are nevertheless too large to take care of the direct wishes and expectation of the inhabitants. This is why various programs of territorial intelligence are developed. The are closer from the citizen and may take care of smaller projects. But to achieve such programs it is necessary to divide the Regions in sub-parts (the territories) where the inhabitants will have the same expectation in clear which will be homogeneous by their social, geographic and economic traits. The presentation of Professor Henri Dou (CESER PACA) concerned this new Regional segmentation and its political implications.

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