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Manado International Tourism Symposium - The sustainable development of tourism as the main pillar of the Manado’s economy.

octobre 19th, 2017 Posted in Asia, Europe, France

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manado meeting assistance  This  is the the 31st of August 2017 that the Manado International Tourism Symposium took place in the auditorium of the city.  A French Delegation composed by Professor Dr Henri Dou (From Competitive Intelligence to territorial Intelligence - Managing Territories in tension), Philippe Clerc CCI de France (Competitive Intelligence a new way to think the future and opportunities) and Pierre Fournie Suffren International (Brain storming Manado vision of the future) presented various points of view about sustainable environment and the way that the wide possibilities of the Manado city could be used to increase the venue of foreign visitors. Their point of views was seconded b Professor Dr Runtuwene Rector UNIMA University  (Current trends and issue of Tourism Development in Manado after the opening of international fligth Manado - Tiongkok) and by Professor Dr Sangkertadi Sam Ratulangi University (Principles of Sustainable Tourism action plan for Manado City).

maire vice maire manado 2017 An numerous assistance coming from different parts of the Province participated to this event and among which the Mayor of Manado Vicky Lumentut and the Vice Mayor of Manado Dominus Bastiaan and various questions about the future development og the city were asked by the assistance. A synthesis of the answer provide by the French and local experts was that Manado and its vicinity posses large advantages and it is necessary to advertise to provide to foreign visitor full packages which can be bought from abroad (including the cost of travel) and also that a program to maintain, preserve these advantages could be developed. It was also indicated that Manado by its position and its vicinity (islands, diving places, snorkeling places, etc.) could become a hub for sailing, diving and trekking for the whole Indonesia and even Asia.

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