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Research and Development evolving Trends and Practices. TOWARDS HUMAN, INSTITUTIONAL AND ECONOMIC SECTORS GROWTH

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 towards economic growth

towards economic dou

 The Editions Intech, presents a book entitled Towards Human, Institutional and Economic Sectors Growth. This book is structured in 4 sections. Section 1 deals with the introduction (chapter 1)  by Soha Maad. Section 2 deals with  R&D for  Human Growth and Prosperity: Human Development and Research-Development-Extension Relationships by Orhan Ozcatalbas (Chapter 2). Section 3 deals with R&D for Institutional Growth with SMEs Development through Public and Private Partnerships: the Key role of Research Transfer and Patent Information Analysis by Henri Dou (Chapter 3). Section 4 deals with R&D For Economic Sectors Growth wit Smart Microgrids: Optimazing Local Resources towards increased and a More Sustainable Growth by Wilfried Elmenreich, Tamer Khatib and Andrea Monacchi (Chapter 4), Assessing the Possible Potential in Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emission: Application of a Proven hybrid Method by Oludolapo Akanni Olanrewaju and Charles Mbohwa (Chapter 5), Research and Development about Metallurgical  Industry in Romania by Adrian Ioana, Augustin Semenescu and Mihnea Costoiu (Chapter 6).  For more information about this book see the following file.

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