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Competitive Intelligence and Technology Watch for Industry

juin 16th, 2008 Posted in France

CI and Industry book2

This book has been edited by the the Department of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia. It is devoted to Industry, Education and Research instituions as well as for the think tanks which may help politicians and decision makers.

Writtent by Henri Dou, Sri Damayanty? Manullang and Jean-Marie? Dou it presents the various tools which can be used in Competitive Intelligence. It leaves a large place to information strategies patents, commercial databases, free access databases, Internet …. It presents different cases studies as well as various methods to implement Competitive Intelligence and Technology Watch to Industry (Rattan, Geotextile, RFID ….). It also describes the major steps to create a Competitive Intelligence and Technology Watch Unit in your company.

Price of the book 30 € including postage  inquiry

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