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L’Indonésie à la croisée des chemins - Indonesia at the crossroad

septembre 12th, 2017 Posted in Asia, France, Indian Ocean

indonesia pub croisée In  the last issue of the “Revue Internationale d’Intelligence Economique” (vol 9 (1/2017) a key paper concerning Indonesia has been published by Pierre Fournié and Professor Henri Dou. Indonesia which will be one of the ost important country in the world in  the next future is facing various uncertainties in Asia. In this paper the authors pin point some of the key facts and orientations which may rise questions about the development and the Foreign policy of Indonesia. This article which constitutes the part 1 of the study will be followed by two other which will present in depth various alternatives for Indonesia.

Bourret Lumentur This paper  underlines a new orientation of the IFIS (Institute Francilien d’Ingénierie et des Services) which will develop researches in the Application of various Competitive Intelligence applications in Indonesia. Recently, Professor Christian Bouret (Director of IFIS) received an important Indonesian delegation among which the Mayor of the city of Manado which indicated his deep concern with all methods and tools used for the development of a territorial intelligence process. It is also noticeable that in the recent past the laboratoiries of Scientific Information of Marne la Vallée  and the CRRM of the Universty Aix Marseille III,  developed within the framework of PhDs various sutdies about Indonesia and applications of Competitive Intelligence in this country

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