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Interdisciplinary Symposium - Corsica - Corte - July 5-6-7 2017 - Information science

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corse interdisciplinaire

  This is during a three days period that the Interdisciplinary Symposium occured in Corsica organized by the Universty Pascal Paoli.  The objective of the symposium was to show that Interdisciplinarity is necessary to solve the various and complex problems coming up in our society today. The weather change, the food problems, the energy, the information management and handling, the big data analytics, necessitate the collaboration between several disciplines. Unfortunately, working as an academic researcher in an interdisciplinary model of research is not easy. Most of the carreers are based on a single discipline and a very specialized research. Plublishing Interdisciplinary work is often difficult since the academic research journals are very specialized. During the symposium all these aspects were discussed, illustrated by numerous high quality presentaions. Several tracks offered to the participants a brillant illustration of all these problems. The conclusion of the symposium was to underlined the necessity to have the Interdisciplinary research recognized at the same level as specialized ones. The participants asked also to have a following to this symposium and to organized in Corte the same type of meeting  with a two years period. Thanks to the University Pascal Paoli for the many foreign researchers present as invited speakers.  In conclusion we have to thank the Pascla Paoli University of Corsica to develop an Interdisciplinary approach to academic research and to praise the various teams engaged in such a work.

In the track of Information Science, various researches were presented by:   Nathalie FabryChristian Bourret Gheller JessicaPhilippe Clerc,  Amos Amos David and Nadine Ndjok, Dou Henri,  Bernard Dousset and Abdelhamid Chellal,  Duval Philippe and Helène, Enric Escorsa O’CallaghanJean-Baptiste Filippi and Yolanda Perez Finidori, Xuefeng Wang Yun FU and Liliana Mikova, Lucielle et Jean-Louis Rossi Tom Toulouse Dominique Cancellieri Antoine Pieri et Lucie Rossi, Serena Talamoni Bernard Dousset Elisabeth PaoliMarie-Paule Verlaeten.

A special mention  must be made for the work presented by the student of the doctorate school of Corsica. During the year, they followed the formation (DU University Diploma) of Competitive Intelligence and Territorial Intelligence and as a final work they have to develop a prospective approach of what Corsica will be in 2026. The development of this prospective work was done under the supervision of Philippe Clerc, Alain Juillet and Henri Dou. We thank Professor Jean Costa from the University of Corsica and Director of the Doctorate School for his trust  in supervisors. The full text of the student’s presentation is the following: Corsica in 2026.

A presentation of the tract Information Science has also be made by Enricc Escorsa (Iale Tecnologia): OTRAS ACTIVIDADES RECIENTES

Participación en el simposio interdisciplinar de la Universidad de Córcega.

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