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Franch Indonesian relations. The venue of two important indonesian delegations in France

juin 29th, 2017 Posted in Asia, France, Indian Ocean

During the last three months the AFDEI (French Association for the Economic Development of Indonesia), CCI France, CIWORLDWIDE Think Tank, SUFFREN  International received in  Paris two Indonesian delagations.  

indonesia JB Carpentier    One delegation concerned the development and new orientations of the Competitive Intelligence in France. At this occasion Mister Laode IDA, Ombudsman, repiblik of Indonsia was received at the CCI France. He presented the status and of the role if this institution for its inclusive public services in  Indonesia.  Since 2013 this institution conducted assessments and inspection of compliance levels in ministries, institutions and local governments against public service standards. Philippe Clerc, senior consultant in International Economic Intelligence at CCI France, presented the the recent development of Competitive Intelligence in  France and pin poineted the role of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Professor Henri Dou from Ciworldwide think tank, explained  how French  Competitive Intelligence system and its role in Territorial Intelligence could be useful for the development of Indonesia’s islands. Key menbers of the AFDEI prsented also the role of the Association in the development of Economic links between France and Indonesia. After the presentation, the delagation went to the French Mnistry of Finance and was received by Mr Jean Baptiste Carpentier, (CISSE), Commissioner near the Ministry  of Economy and in charge of the Strategic Information and Economic Security. After a presentation  by Mr Carpentier of his role in the French Economic landscape an open and fruitful discussion followed.

indoenesia CCI France  The second delegation concerned the region  of Manado, held by the Mayor of the city Dr Vicky G.B.Lumentut. This delegation was received by CCI France. A presentation of the actual economic and developmet status of the Manado Rgeion (North Sulawesi) was done by the Mayor, followed by several talks dealing with the international activities of  CCI France at the international level (sustainable developmentsustainable tourismindustry Asean). Most of the concerns of the delegation focued on tourims and middle industry development. Mr Pierre Fournier from Suffren International ended the meeting by a strategic presentation of possible development of diving activities in the Manado Region.

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