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avril 26th, 2017 Posted in Europe, France

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This is the 4-5-6 April 2017 at Corte that Alain  Juillet, Philippe Clerc and Henri Dou presented the various aspects of Competitive Intelligence, part of the global course initiated by the doctorate school of the University of Corsica. The first part of this course deal with the patent analysis as a tool to increase the innovative thinking of people and also to open a wide window on the possible applications of the research sujects of some of the researchers. The second presentation concerned the information security  as well as the overlap of Intelligence and Competitive Intelligence. The third one concerned the planning and proposal of the local representative institutions in  the field of Competitive Intelligence centered on Corsica needs and expectations. Part of the last day was devoted to a round table and exchange with the students to second their participation to the prospective exercice: “Corsica in 2026″. This contribution will be presented to the Interdisciplinary Symposium organized by the University of Corsica in July 2017. The presentations done during this session are available here: Patents Presentation and Analysis ,  Security Intelligence and Competitive IntelligenceCorsica’s Smart Specialization   An increasing role of CCIs

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