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Competitive Intelligence, Technology Watch and Regional Development

juin 13th, 2008 Posted in France

competitive Intelligence livre 1

The book Competitive Intelligence and Regional Development is part of a serie of two books which present for Small Companies and Developing Countries the way to integrate the concept, methos and tool of Competitive Intelligence in the Company or Region decision making process. Written by two specialists of Competitive Intelligence (Henri Dou and Sri Damayanty Manullang), it presents a large panel of different ways to deal with all aspects of Competitive Intelligence and Technology Watch.

abstract livre 1? The concepts, definitions and fundamenbtal aspects of Competitive Intelligence and its history are presented but the most important part of the book deals with case studies, some of them general and other centered on Developing Countries. The creation of added value products from natural resources are one of the concern of the book. Numerous references and Internet links will help the reader to deepen the subject if necessary.

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