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novembre 11th, 2016 Posted in Europe, France

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The University of Corsica in Corte launched in October 2016 the second formation in Competitive Intelligence for the doctorate students of the University. This formation which is divided in sevral sessions during 2016 and 2017, will provide to the students the methods and tools of Competitive Intelligence, with in view its introduction into their research subject, but also to work together in  a context of multidisciplinary to  a global vision of what can be Corsica in 2026. This original approach is seconded by the will of the decision makers of the university as well as the political decision makers of the Island to develop a strategic initiative able to boost the economic development of the Island. Various experts participate to this course and among them Alain Jullet, Philippe Clerc, Henri Dou. The frist session of this second session was held in Corte during the month of October 2016 by Philippe Clerc and Henri Dou. Other sessions will take place during January, February and April 2017. 

The International Symposium on multidisciplinarity organized in July 2017 by the University of Corsica as well as the doctorate school initiative underline the key role that the University of Corsica intends to play in the development of the  economy,  and  culture of the Island.

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