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Universita di Corsica - University of Corsica - Ecole Doctorale - Doctorate School - Session III - Competitive Intelligence - Intelligence Economique

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The 21 and 22 of April 2016  was done in Corte,  the third session of the doctorate school formation dedicated to Competitive Intelligence. This third session is the closing of the 2015 - 2016 formation developed by the University of Corsica doctorate school. This session was open to doctorates, postdocs and institutionnals. The audience show a great interest and many questions were asked by the participants. At the end of this third session, Professor Henri Dou thanks all the organisers and mainly Professor Jean Costa Director of the Doctorate School, the CTC (Communauté Territoriale Corse). and the ADEC, DRIRE and other representatives.

Alain Juillet Alain Juillet presented various aspects of Competitive Intelligence, and insisted on the security aspects necessary in CI. Physical security inc ludinf buildings, industrials sites, etc., management of employes and visitors and automated recognition  systems, security of the immaterial enterprise assets, management of rumors, ONG and pressure groups , information system security, data management and  accreditation management..All these points were illustrated by different real examples which induced many quaestions from the assistance. AJDoc1,  AJDoc2


clerc corte Philippe Clerc presented the Spehres of Influence according the point of view of Richard D’Aveni and insisted on the fact that in  Competitive Intelligence we must, permanently, use new concepts and vision to develop new strategies. He also undelined the fact that Competitive Intelligence started in France about 10 years ago and that it is now mature. This means that we must go beyond the basics and use it to increse the French influence. He also pin pointed the new role of the Chambers of Commerce, not only in France but also in French Speaking countries. PCDoc1PCDoc2PCDoc3.

dou Henri Dou, indicated how in a region it is necessary to link together all the focres which can participate to the development. To create such an incentive it is necessary to improve the PPP (Private Public Partnership) and to do this, the right information is the key, with in the same time the mapping of regional competencies and industrial activities. In this context RSR (Responsabilité Sociale de la Recherhce, Social Research Responsibility) is an important factor. Most regions have research centers which must participate to the development and then increases the regional competitiveness. Exemples are given from various situations and countries. HDDoc1HDDoc2HDDoc3

kister Jacky Kister  indicated how in  a research laboratory (METICA laboratory, Aix-Marseille University) an extensive and coordinated use of information is important. A research subject must be evaluated prior to laboratory development and the context in which this subject will be developed is important, not only to make a useful and transferable research but also to seek for industrial partnerships. These partnetships are necessary to provide the necessary funding for the laboratory but also for the students engaged in a doctorate. Various examples dealing with petroleum products, natural products and their transformation (ageing) in time are presented. The method may also be extended to developing countries and an example dealing with Moringa illustrated this point of view. JKDoc1JKDoc2JKDoc3

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