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Skema Business School, Paris La Defense - Thursday December 10th 7PM - Conference of Professor Henri Dou - Competitive Intelligence and Foreign Markets - Influence and Soft Power - L’Intelligence Economique et les marchés extérieurs - Influence

décembre 9th, 2015 Posted in Europe, France

skema photo  It was  Thursday December 10th that Professor Henri Dou gave a Conference on Competitive Intelligence and Foreign Markets - Influence and Soft Power. In France  the  ”Intelligence Economique” is the object of many definitions, presentations, books, controverses, referentials, …  The result is often a fuzzy image which pin points details and forget the essential. The two presentations will explained why it is necessary to go back to  basic and to use Competitive Intelligence “agressively” to compete on the foreign markets. But if the role of Companies is important it remains that Competitive Intelligence in France is born from a State Administration initiative. This explains the difference between Anglo-Saxon and French visions. In  a period of fierce competition, the use of Competitive Intelligence to build up a “French Influence” is a key point, and this influence must be used to comfort the French entreprises position on Foreign Markets.

Both presentations are available here:  for the first one Competitive Intelligence and Foreign Markets and for the second Influence and Soft Power.

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