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Third International Meeting of Dakhla - South Provinces, Morocco - The Circular Economy by Professor Henri Dou - L’économie circulaire dans les provinces du Sud du Maroc and Professor Calof presentation on highligths on Competitive Intelligence Practices

décembre 8th, 2015 Posted in Africa, France, Middle East, North Africa

concert dakhla 2015 During the third International meeting of Dakhla, Morocco South Provinces (December 3-5th 2015) , Professor Henri Dou, did a presentation dealing with the development of Circular Economy in the South Provinces. These Provinces are new and started their development. They may include in it, new practices which will enable them to become a national and African example. These new practices could include the Circular Economy, since the stresses coming from globalization, energy saving, weather change, scarcity of natural resources including water, prompt for a new economical pattern. The South Provinces which develop fishing activities, agriculture,  tourism and need new energy sources could include in their model the concept of circular economy. The Professor Henri Dou , indicated that the first stage of the development of a concept of “cradle to cradle”  is to map the economic resources and activities and to develop out of them a “waste observatory”.

In the National Morocco electronic journal hespress, it was underlined how important is this way of develomment for the South Provinces. The full text of this article is available here. (in Arabic with English translation).

Professor Henri Dou article in  full text  is available here as well as his powerpoint presentation.

Territorial Development is necessary today to ensure social peace and social cohesion. But, specialists in this field with enough international experience are not common place. If the above presentation fits into this topic, another presentation done by the Professor Jonathan Calof  Canadian  spacialist gave also a vision of what could be done in the Morocco South Provinces. Two documents are available here: a summary of good practices and governance in Terrotorial Development and the presentation done at the Dakhla meeting by Professor Calof.

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