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APA Automatic Patent Analysis - A must for innovation and regional development

novembre 30th, 2015 Posted in Africa, Europe, France, Middle East, North Africa

dou APA examples book   In various scientific articles  and booksDou Henri, former Professor at Aix Marseille University and Honorary Research Professor at Peking Universty and Beijing Academy of Soft Technology, presents various aspects of Automatic Patent Analysis (APA). The growing number of patents contributes to make the patent dabases the equivalen of a living technological encyclopaedia. One of the patent properties is that patent information is practicly only available in patents and most of the time not published elsewhere. Today, the various voices which praise innovation as one of the ways to overcome the crisis second the fact that patents and mostly APA are two invaluable tools to develop innovation, test ideas, find partners or located competitors. In the following paper examples of APA are presented as well as various references dealing with the subject. We hope that these various presentations will be useful for those interested in regional development and innovation. See the introduction to APA and related articles and books from Henri Dou.

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