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Patent analysis as a vector of innovation in developing countries - 21st Century Economic Forum - Harvard University September 21-22 2015

octobre 9th, 2015 Posted in Africa, Asia, France

sri harvard 2015

This is at the 21st Century Academic Forum, that Dr Sri Manullang presented a paper dealing with the use of Patent Information Analysis (APA Automatic Patent Analysis) to promote Innovation in developping countries. Most of the developing countries possess natural resources which very often are not used to produced added value products. The materials are sold as crude materials and most of the value is created elsewhere. This situation a real handicap, can be partialy ovecomed by a systematic use of APA to demonstrate what products can be done out of the natural resources of the country. APA offers the advantage by an analysis of the technologies used to develop such products to  choose products to develop according the technological level and facilities of the country. This aspect wll facilitate the development of pre-clusters and then to push the stakeholders in an industrial step. The full text of the presentation is available here.

This work from Sri ManullangHenri DouJacky Kister was done in the METICA laboratory at the AMU (Aix Marseille University) and ATELIS (Strategic Intelligence Work room of ESCEM Business School), Mr Audy Kenap also participate to some comments related to this work.

We will also like to thank the Company Matheo Software which gave us all the facilities to used the Matheo Patent and Matheo Analyzer  Software to perfom the patent information retrieval and its automatic analysis.

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