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VSST Mai 2015 - Granada Spain - Competitive Intelligence, Competitive Technical Intelligence, Big Data, Veille Stratégique, Veille Technologique, Intelligence Economique

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This in Granada, Spain, at the university from the may 11th to May 13th 2015 that the congress of VSST took place this year. With an assistance of various nationalities, different papers were presented, most of them dealing with big data software and analysis. A few of them delt with Competitive Intelligence and Competitive Technical Intelligence. One of them, presented by the Professor Henri Dou, concerned the information analysis of the patents dealing with the Moringa. The crucial  importance of this plant on the point of view of nutrition and water purification in developing countries prompt us to open the access of the presentation of this paper as well as the full text of it.

Presentation: Moringa, strategies de développement, par Jacky Kister, Nathalie Dupuy, Fatima Taouil et Henri Dou

Full text of the above presentation.

For the French readers, a summary of the meeting has been done by Miss Fatima Taouil and is available here.

The meeting was very interesting and many questions rose from the assistance some of them very technical, other dealing with education, regional development and the role of the big data, strategies of development in research labs, etc. The congress ended by a splendid visit of the Alhambra and by a “diner de gala” very typical. The next sessions of VSST are planned to be in Morrocco in Rabat and also in Portugal at Porto. Various pictures of the meeting and the assistance are available in in this file.

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