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technological illiteracy

mai 20th, 2015 Posted in Africa, Europe, France

 technological illiteracy

Today, with the development of various specialized educational programs, the technological illiteracy is particularly important. If we have to renew our industry of to develop new orientations and niches, it is important to have  a global information on the technology developments available. The author of this paper believes that the patent information when it is correctly analyzed is one of the best ways for non experts or scientists to access to basic technology information. Moreover the patent information is easely available and free. The paper presented in the Revue de Management et de Stratégie emphasises this point and gives some simple examples of patent information access.

Paper reference: L’Information brevet vecteur de diffusion d’une culture scientifique et technologique, Dou H., Revue de Management et de Stratégie, (5:2), pp.17-47, 2015, VA Press.


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