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L’Influence, une étape fondamentale en Intelligence Economique - Soft power a fundamental part of Competitive Intelligence

avril 29th, 2015 Posted in Africa, Europe, France, Indian Ocean


Soft Power is seen for most of the Competitive Intelligence Experts as one of the fundamental research area in this discipline for the incoming years. Most of the States, International Enterprises, NGOs and other institutions use Soft Power to make people beleive in their objectives and goals. This is the reason why the book INFLUENTIA which is a collective work organized under the direction of Ludovic François (Professor HEC Paris) and Romain Zerbib (senior researcher IGS Group and Redactor in Chief of the review “Revue de management et de Stratégie”) is important. It brushes the international landscape of most of the the soft power attitudes. We belive that this book which will be available at the LAVAUZELLE editions will be the perfect companion of all practitioner of Competitive Intelligence.

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