Competitive Intelligence initiatives

The videos about the CPCCAF workshop of 2014 in Toulouse are available - Competitive Technical Intelligence. Intelligence Economique

avril 10th, 2015 Posted in Africa, Europe, France, Middle East, North Africa

Dou veille Ma toulouse CPCAF  The CPCAF (African French speaking Chamber of Commerce) made a workshop in Toulouse in 2014. A detailed information is available on ciworldwide). The videos of the presentations are now available  from the site.  Ifyou need  more information about the management of Strategic Information, the development of Competitive Technical Intelligence units you may consult the following ebooks (Amazon format Kindle) from Henri Dou and al. These ebooks present different aspects of the way to use in developed and developing countries practical aspects of Competitive Technical Intelligence. Various examples dealing with the use of APA (Automatic Patent Analysis) to promote preculsterization  are also presented.

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