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The use of bibliometrics to enhance the visibility of Aix-Marseille University AMU

mars 21st, 2015 Posted in Africa, Asia, Europe, France, Indian Ocean, Middle East, North Africa, North America, South America

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Most of the usinersities in the world wish to increase the impact of their activities throughout the world. If Nobel Prices and Fields medals are the most important in the determination of their ranking, publications come seond. It is then very important to handle and manage the research outputs of their laboratories and research centres. To do so Aix-Marseille University AMU  makes a stong move in this direction to rationalize among the researchers and the head of laboratories and research centers their publication policy. The use of bibliometrics to analyze the global aspect of the research output of the university in various disciplines is compulsory. This is due to  the large numbers of scientific papers to detect and to  organize according the journals of publication and their impacts. Aix-Marseille university is in France one of the first university which used the bibliometrics concept and techniques to second this strategic move. The clear views provided in each discipline by the bibliometrics analysis is an invaluable tool to promote the activities of the university and to clearly underline the impact of its research and the quality of its researchers.

A global development of the technique and partial results are available  on the matheo software company web site as a case study. (  at the following address .

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