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CIWORLDWIDE is proud to introduce the book Global Technological Change, from Zhouying Jin (second edition)

novembre 7th, 2014 Posted in Africa, Asia, Europe, France, Indian Ocean, Middle East, North Africa, North America, South America

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 This second edition is, even more than the first concerned by the use of technologies human-centred. After a chapter which introduces what are the soft technologies (ST), the author develop various points dealing with: Historical antecedents of ST, ST and Technological Competitiveness, ST and Innovation, Soft Industries and ST and the four Generation of Technology Foresight. In a postcript the development of the 21st century Harmony balance is considerd. With a large bibliography, this book is a distinguished contribution to the field of the Global Technological Change, which from climate to industry and health is going to open a new era of development but also a new frame of mind to anticipate and solve the new problems that our society will face in next futre and even now.

The author, Jin Zhouying is a senior researcher and professor Institute of Quantitative Economics and Technical Econmics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. She is Director of the Centre for Technlogy Innovation and Strategy Studies (CTISS) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. She is also president and founder of the Beijing Academy of Soft Technology.

This book has been translated  by Kelvin W. Willoughby (Graduate School of Business, Curtin Unversity of Technology), and Ying Bai (Ph.D., Beijing Academy of Softtechnology.

To order this book publish by Intellect Bristol, UK, Chocago, USA visit the following web site.

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