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The 4th International Summit on Competitive Intelligence - Beijing October 25-26th 2014 China

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This is the 25th and 26th of November that the annual International Meeting of Competitive Intelligence was held in Beijing at the Dafang Hotel. This International Symposium organized by the Peking University and the Beijing Academy of Science and Technology was this year focussed on Big Data. Many presentations of high quality were done by Chinese researchers as well as by invited speakers from China and foreign countries  (USA, France, Japan, Germany). The meeting was quite successful and it is quite noticeable that among the speakers many of them came from International Firms. The subjects presented offer a wide area of domains such as: Big data and big data intelligence thinking, Big data and intelligence evolution, Intelligence theory frontier in the era of big dataBig data and big intelligence changeBig data and intelligence system buildingBig data and big intelligence service changes, Big data intelligence mining technologies, Organization and storage of big dataKnowledge discovery in big data environmentVisualization of big dataSecurity technologies of big dataBig data intelligence mining, Big data intelligence applications, National governance in the era of big dataBig data: engine of smart cityBig data and competitiveness enhancementRisk management from the perspective of big data.

Among the invited foreign speakers we noted the presence of Juro Nakagawa (President of the CI Society of Japan), Professor Xinzhou Xie (Peking University China), Professor Yoshio Sugasawa (Japan), Rainer Michaeli (President of Competitive Intelligence Germany), Philippe Clerc (Senior Adviser in CI of the CCI de France), Qiang Wang (Beijing Institute of Science and Technology Information), Xihong Zhang ( Executive Vice Secretary of China Information Industry Association), Martin GrotheM (CEO of the Complexium company, Germany), Qihao Miao (Research ProfessorInstitute of Scientific and Technical Information of Shanghai), Professor Henri Dou (Professeur Emeritus, Director CIWORLDWIDE think-tank France), Arik Johnson (Chairman of Aurora Worldwide Development Corporation USA), Xiaoyuan Zhao (Associate Professor Research Center for Information Science Methodology, China), Zongying Tan (Doctoral supervisor at the Document and Intelligence Center, China), Ken Potter (Founder of the Bennion Group, USA), Gang Zhao (Organizer of the China - US Innovation Dialog Renewable Energy and New Energy Sources, China). 

Some PowerPoint presentations are available here:  Philippe Clerc ppt,  Henri Dou pptQihao Miao

photo groupe icci 2014 The atmosphere of the meeting was quite studious and friendly and during the cloturing diner, many toasts were done to celebrate the frienship between China and foreign invited speaers. A few pictures of the speakers are available  as well as other various pictures.

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