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IS4YOU Strategic Intelligence and Innovation Bruxelles October 9th 2014 - Intervention Professor Henri Dou ESCEM ATELIS

novembre 3rd, 2014 Posted in Europe, France

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This is the 9th of October 2014 that the first meeting on Strategic Intelligence and Innovation was held at the initiative of the University of Bruxelles. The goal of the meeting was to make the researchers aware of the importance of the Scientific Information and also to emphasize the key role of Scientific Information in the processes of research and innovation. The assitance was important and the presentations open the window on very different aspects of Scientific Information in research and education as well as the role of the European Community in this domain. Several intreventions related how the University of Bruxelles manages the innovation process and how Scientific Information is important in the choices of subjects and educational programs. During the meeting the Professor Henri Dou (Director of Atelis ESCEM) presented his view on innovation and especially the need to transform the competences and knowledge developed in the laboratories and research centers into money, that is to say in products and services robust enough to enter in the market. He also pin pointed the key role of the patent information and more specifically the role of APA (Automatic Patent Analysis). Various examples were presented and during the lunch access to Matheo Patent and Matheo Analyzer online was provided as well as information on Matheo Patent Lite (access to the worldpatent database from the EPO, through smartphones and at no charge).

The questions and debates during the presentations as well as during the round table wre very interesting and different members of the attendance asked how innovation could be increased in laboratories and how the educational processes may be developed in this direction. Other questions dealing with various aspects of the European Community involvement in this process were also asked.

The conclusion was that this meeting show a high quality, well  organized  (thank to the organizer Mrs Dominique Dieng AKASIAS) and with a high quatility in the different subjects presented. Most of the people wished that this experience should continue next year.

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