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I-Expo Paris La defense, 11-12th june 2014 - Round table: Information, Surveys and Knowledge

juin 30th, 2014 Posted in Europe, France

The I-Expo round table dealing with Internet Watch and Social Media: wihich tools for a large availability and a real time access to this information ? was done in Paris the 11-12 th of June.

This round table was animated and coordinated by Michel Remize, (Chief Redactor, Archimag) among the particpants we noted the presence of Henri Dou (Emerit Professor University Paul Cezanne, Gérant Matheo Software), Michel Reault, Fréderic Dumas (General Director VOCUS), and Alice Danoy, (Marketing Manager Talkwalker).

The introduction of the subject was done by the Professor Henri Dou: today in all the types of fields, the amount of information increases all the time. In  the same time, the users are almost for most of them involved in some “nomadism”. This situation prompt for the solutions of at least threee main problems:

  • the selection in sources of different formats of the more relevant information according the needs of the users
  • the analysis (of formated and unformated data) to provide various synthetic representations of the strategic information
  • the diffusion of this information to the “nomad” users, most of the time with android smartphones and tablets

This context, must be transparent for the user, but this involves a lot of programming, analysis and back office work. we are today at the beginning of this tendance, which will increase opening the way to a convergence in tools and supports but also an integration of various information sources, from social media to economy, technology and science. The providers of solutions  are challenged by this context. The direct availability of an elaborated information allows people to react faster and to be more  innovative. The reason of this round table was to present the views of the participants and to discuss  with the assistance.

The interventions:

Michel Remize, Chief Redactor, Archimag

Henri Dou (Emerit Professor University Paul Cezanne, Gérant Matheo Software) after the introduction Henri Dou indicated how, the Matheo Software company moved part of its application (patent selection form the world patent database) to smartphones and tablets (android). The application  is free and will be part of a global integrated solution of patent analysis (already existing on PCs).

Michel Reault,

Fréderic Dumas (General Director VOCUS), Vocus is an RP software which provides a Database of journalists and medias, the diffusion of press releases, media surveys and analytics. Like most of the company in the field VOCUS must amange different types of data, must integrate veroius sources, and use powefful technics to provide analytics upon these different data.

Alice Danoy, (Marketing Manager Talkwalker), Talkwalker is developed by is a company (trendiction) located in Luxebourg. It provides a powerful social media analytics of brands as an example of free application. It also gives access to social media analytics software of high quality ranked amonf g the best in  the world. Trendiction faced like most of the companies in this sector with the various format of the data, including now videos, pictures, talks, etc.

After these présentations, many questions from the assistance dealt with the limit of the products available on the market, the various ways to access the resusults of the analysis, the trend of the social media analysis and the quality of their content. Globaly speaking most of the people indicated that most of the  company  (even individual) must take care of their image and then be able to analyze the social media contents.  Moreover, they may also from these analysis use the results to increase their business activities.

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