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Strategic Intelligence for Research and Innovation IS4Research Bruxelles October 9th 2014

juin 11th, 2014 Posted in Africa, Europe, France, Indian Ocean, Middle East, North Africa, South America

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Introducing IS4Research, which will be held in Bruxelles in October 9th this year. A large panel of international experts will present their views about the necessity to introduce Strategic Intelligence in research labs. In  a global competive world, most of the countries spend large amount of money to finance national research. But, many bias push the researchers to develop a research which most the time is very far from the real needs of the country. One of the experts, Professor Henri Dou, will develop the concept of SRR Social Research Responsibility, aiming to induce a high level fundamental research able to be valorized for the needs of the country. Further readings about SRR are availble in PME et PMI françaises et développement international, as well as in La diffusion des connaissances un enjeu stratégique. For more information about this topic use the following email: .

For the people intrested by this international event, one of the first in this matter, information will be available on the site of the conference.  For more information about the panel, consult the following pages.

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