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Worshops of the CPCCAF (Conference Permanente des Chambres de Commerce Africaines et Francophones) Toulouse Juin 2014 - Competitive Intelligence and Development of the Small and Medium African Industries.

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This is in Toulouse with the partnership of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Toulouse, and ITC (International Trade Centre) that the workshops of the CPCCAF were done. The representatives of 12 African Chambers of Commerce were present as well as different members of the French Chambers of Commerce  and Industry. After the official opening, the CCI de France as well as various international experts presented and animated these working days. The goal of the meeting was to provide to the Afrrican Chambers of Commerce various clues to facilitate their international development. The workshops were very successful and various presentations were done, all of them dealing with various aspects of the Competitive Intelligence and the strategic management of information.

beautiful setting  The beautiful setting of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Toulouse as well as a very good organization helped to create among the participants a friendly atmosphere which helped to develop very successful contacts. The animation of most of the topics introduced by the experts were presented and animated by Philippe Clerc from CCI de France. His introduction to the various topics helped the assistance to focus on the most important and useful part of them, and also after the presentation to start a useful discussion.

cpccaf global  Some of the  presentations done by various experts are available here: Philippe Clerc CCI de France (Intelligence Economique, Definition et mise en Oeuvre), Dou Henri Matheo Software and CIWORLDWIDE ( L’information brevet vecteur d’innovation ppt and case study), Celine Bouquereau ARVE  (Les actions d’IE développées dans le cadre du pôle ARVE industries), Yann Tissot CCIT Ecobiz (La plateforme ECOBIZ), Piere Yves Debliquy SPI (Développer l’Intelligence Stratégique en PME), Mauritius trade easy (Facilitating Import and Export), Mounir Rochdi (Cellule de veille stratégique sur le coton   et  Rôle de l’IE dans la chaîne de valeur mondiale. L’accompagnement consulaire).

assistance  The assistance during the various days of the workshop was particularly active, many questions dealing with the transmposition of the Competitive Intelligence methods and tools to African countries were asked, as well as various  examples of IE applications. Some questions concerned also Intellectual property and designs and  geographical protection.  It was also underlined (Zile Soilihi CCIMP and Henri Dou IWORLDWIDE) that if during the worshop many discussions and presentations dealt with commerce, only a few were concerned by technolgical development and innovation, which are two of the main pillars of the African development. To develop commerce is nice, but to sell added value products from natural ressources is even better.

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