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avril 10th, 2014 Posted in Asia, Europe, France, North America, South America

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armenia students This is in Yerevan, from April 3rd to 6th 2014, that a seminar on Competitive Intelligence (method, tools and applications) has been presented by the professor Henri Dou. This seminar is part of the IEP (Institut d’Etude Politique d’Aix en Provence) and the Public Administration Academy of the Republic of Armenia ccoooperative agreement in a large educational program (Directed by Mr Stephane Boudrandi, IEP Aix en Provence). Mr Gilbert Derderian was also present and discussed of further developments of the program (to concern a larger group of students and to  develop an actionable program  of Competitive Intelligence for Armenia). During the seminar, various visits and discussions were organized which pointed out some specifc approaches of Armenia (circular economy, role of the diaspora, development of tourism, added value products from natural resources).

art  During the seminat after a general presentation of Competitive Intelligence,  three points were develop in depth: modern information  retrieval with the Internet and  the Web 2.0,  Influence (soft power) mainly, and technical information through patent analysis. This latter aspect was seconded by the presentation and the application of the Matheo Patent Lite  free access to the world patent information with android smartphones or tablets. Opening a technological window for the peolple of the Administration Academy is important, because, even if they are not especialists, the patent provide a way to understand the technological trends and their possible implication in Armenia development.

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