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APA Automatic Patent Analysis - Discovery of the Chinese Utility Models within the context of the Jugaad (Frugal Innovation) by Henri Dou

janvier 15th, 2014 Posted in Africa, Asia, Europe, France, North Africa, North America, South America

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Patents are not only a system of protection, but they may also be sued as a living technology encyclopaedia. In this condition, retrieval of large amount of patents followed by a careful APA will give information on who is doing what, when, with whom, at what time, where, etc. This information is very useful in Competitive Intelligence and also to increase the innovation potentiel of SMEs or Research Laboratories (what other people do with the equivalent of your knowledge).

Utility model  Today, with the new concept of jugaad innovation (or frugal innovation), it is important to be able to select among various patents those which will give new and simple ideas that you will be able to exploit. Most of the time people limit this search to twenty years old patents, or patents which are in the public domain because the fees to maintain them active are not paid. But, there is another very interesting class of patents, very useful in the field of frugal innovation. This is the Chinese Utility Models. These utiliy models (about half of the Chinese patent production), are small patents, which cover simple innovations. They are available throug a very simple search in the “world patent database” of the EPO (European Patent Office), and to retrieve them you have to combine to your search the term model in the abstract or better utility model.  These utility models have a span of 10 years and most of the time are not extended (as patents) to other countries. To get the best of them, it is useful to combine the search for utility models with the APA (using for instance Matheo-Patent)  one of the best compromise between quality, performance and cost. For a more detail information about APA the IPR Fact Sheet dealing with APA is available here and  it gives various examples of analysis. The crucial role of Chinese patents has been described in various papers such as The role of Chinese patents in the development of innovation.

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