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« Les Sciences de l’Information et leurs implications géopolitiques » 28 et 29 Novembre 2013 au palais des congrès à Ajaccio - Information Science and its geopolitics implications

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 This is the 28th and 29th of November 2013 that the International Symposium : Information Science and its geopolitics implications was held in front of a large assistance and with the delegations of China, Indonesia, Brazil and Nigeria. During the opening session, Professor Henri Dou thanked warmly the Regional Government of Corsica as well as the University of Corsica for all th efacilities  and help that they provided to the organizers. In the same session the role of information and its transformation in “actionable knowledge” was preseted as the main object of the international symposium. In a world were the Competition is stronger and stronger, it is necessary to use all the available facilities to understand our envionment and to facilitate the decision making. 

Among the interventions, Professor Qihao Miao and Xie Zinzhou from China underlined the key role of big data analysis, Alain Juillet in the opening session placed the “Influence” as one of the most important aspect of today Competitive Intelligence (influence part 1,  influence part2). Gilda Massari from Brazil showed the organization of the decision planning in Brazil, Professeur EbenhaizerNuban Timo explained the future role of Competitive Intelligence in Indonesia (Timor) and emphasized the key role of Dr Sri Damayanty Manullangin its development. During the disciscussion, Alain Juillet was seconded by Professor Henri Dou, about the influence of the anglo-saxon system of publications and evaluation in research and education, Philippe Clerc from the ACFCI and AIFIE pin point the global role of Competitive Intelligence in the world development policy.  All the other interventions underlined the role of Competitive Intelligence in the development of Institutions, enterprises, laboratories, etc.  The presentations available to the organizers are the following: Amos DavidHenri Dou (see also the fulltext of the presentation)Bernard DoussetChristian BourretJean Paul Dubeuf , Jacky KisterGilda MassariQihao MiaoXavier RichetXie Zinzhou. The intervention of the Admiral Pierre Lacoste is also available.

Various press articles and comments, presented this symposium as a mile stone in Corsica, and the universty indicated how the multi-disciplinarity as well as the developemnt as a full research subject of Competitive Intelligence is very important and will become more and more important in the next future. This importance being not only for the university itself but also to create the best conditions for the development of Public and Private Pratnerships in Corsica. Various pictures of the audience and  groups are available here.

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