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The second Dakhla Symposium - Dakhla, November 21-22, 2013 Morocco

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 annonce dakhla

ouverture Dakhla Driss This is in Dakhla, South Morocco that the second symposium took place from November 21st to November 22d. This symposium was organized by Driss Guerraoui (Secrétaire Général du Conseil Economique, Social et Environnemental Premier Vice-Président de l’Union des Conseils Economiques Sociaux et Institutions Similaires de la Francophonie) with the participation of the : “Association d’études et de recherches pour le développement (AERED)”, “Association internationale francophone d’intelligence économique (AIFIE)” and the “Université Sorbonne nouvelle Paris III”, the ” Groupe OCP” and the “Agence pour la promotion et le développement des provinces du Sud du Royaume”. During the meeting various interventions emphasized the role of Morocco in  the development of the “South Provinces”.  This was seconded by various presentations of international (UE, ASEAN, MERCOSOUR, NAFTA, CEDEAO, UMA, CCG) and Morocco experts in Regional Development and Competitive Intelligence. During the meeting it was announced the creation of the open university of Dakhla and the Morocco Ministry of Education underlined the crucial role of this future university, crossroad of culture, knowledge, and respect of the local people. 

dakhla signature ”Cette convention a été signée par les présidents de l’Association d’études et de recherches pour le développement (AERED) et de l’Association internationale francophone d’intelligence économique (AIFIE), respectivement MM. Driss Guerraoui et Philippes Clerc, le wali et le président de la région Oued Eddahab Lagouira, respectivement MM. Hamid Chabar et El Mami Boussif, le président du Conseil de la ville de Dakhla, El Joumani Sidi Sloh et le directeur général de l’Agence pour la promotion et le développement des provinces du Sud du Royaume, Ahmed Hajji. La signature de cette convention s’inscrit dans la cadre de la mise en œuvre de la Déclaration de Dakhla, adoptée par les participants à la Rencontre internationale organisée dans cette même ville, en novembre 2010, sur le thème “intelligence territoriale et développement régional par l’entreprise, expériences internationales comparées”. (full text from Taoufi Naciri available on Internet)

During the symposium various prices were given to entrepreneurs and academics for their achievements within the framework of the University - Enterprise collaboration. (the full text and names of the laureates is available on Internet

alain Juillet dakhla During the intervention, Alain Juillet (Senior Consultant in Intelligence Economique), Philippe Clerc (CCIF Senior Advisor for Global Competitive Intelligence), Henri Dou (University Professor, International consultant), Mrs Christiane Ceccaldi (Contrôleure générale économique et financier, CGEFIResponsable du programme interministériel Mutécos), Jean-Yves Delaune (Entrepreneur), Xavier Richet (Universty Professor, Sorbonne Nouvelle). All the interventions emphasize the role of Competitive Intelligence, competence mapping, natural resources development, culture, PPP (Private and Public Partnership, and innovation as key elements to build up a specific Competitive Intelligence and Innovation in the Morocco South Provinces. In a paper post Symposium, Driss Guerraoui has presented a guideline, dealing with : New model of development of the South Moroccco kingdom. The context as well as the method and the model which will be used for the development of the South Provinces of the Morocco Kingdom. This text of reference will be very usefull within the framework of the Open University of Dakhla.


dou christiane dakhla class= Among the presentations, Alain Juillet (,(,( explained how Competitive Intelligence will help the South Provinces, Dou Henri underlined the key role of scientific information, Patent information  and the future open university, Jean-Yves Delaune presented his experience in entrepreneurship and its integration in the South Provinces development, Xavier Richet show how an integrated and affordable development will sustain the social cohesion of the region, and Philippe Clerc underlined the role of organization, Group Intelligence and culture as catalysts of  development. Christiane Ceccaldi presented the MUTECOS French experiment: thematic meetings on various domains linked to industrialisation, innovation, regional development, contractors, etc. organized by the French Ministry of Finance and Industry to seek for new ideas and directions in these various areas.

desert dakhla The second day of the visit was devoted to the Dakhla’s Bay “route enchanted between sea and desert”, which profits from a tropical climate which releases heat and sunlight all the year. One discovers there hills of dunes, blue lagoons, and a panorama to take your breath away. The participants visired also the tourist village “Dakhla Attitude” made up of bungalows which become part and of the landscape, were are practiced the sliding sports: kitesurf and skysurf. During the trip an oyster degustation was organized well appreciated as well as the lunch in “Dakhla Attitutde”.  Various photographs of the meeting as well as the trip to Dakhla’s Bay and side envents are are available here.




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