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Crucial issue : The French Research evaluation system facing the crisis - Le système d’évaluation de la recherche française face à la crise.

novembre 28th, 2013 Posted in Asia, Europe, France, South America

 colloque corse logo This is at the Sympsosium: “Les sciences de l’Information et leurs implications géopolitiques” (Information Science and their involvement in geopolitics), held in Ajaccio the 28th and 29th November 2013 at the “Palais des Congrès” organized by the University of Corsica and the CTC (Communauté Territoriale Corse) that a group of top international scientists in the field of Competitive Intelligence rose the question of the research evaluation in a critical economic period. Were present among this group: Alain Juillet (former Senior Advisor in Competitive Intelligence near the French Prime Minister), Philippe Clerc  (Senior Advisor for Global Competitive Intelligence CCI de France), Qihao Miao (Professor, Institute of Scientific and Technical Information, Shanghai Library, International Chinese Expert in Competitive Intelligence), Xie ZinZhou (Professor School of Journalism, Peking University), Henri Dou (University Professor, fBS Director of Atelis Strategic Intelligence Workroom of fBS), Gilda Massari (Head of the Company SG, expert near the CGEE Center of Strategic Studies Management, Presidence of the Brazil Repuublic), Nicolas Moinet (Professor IEP Institute of Political Studies Poitiers France), Dr HDR Sri Damayanty Manullang (Expert in Competitive Intelligence near the Indonesian Democratic Party), Bernard Dousset (Professor University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse France), Ricardo Barros Sampaio (Professor, University of Brasilia, Brazil).

During the first day of the meeting, the shift of Competitive Intelligence to influence was underlined by Alain Juillet, and other speakers emphasized the role of university and information in a crisis environment as well as the key role of strategic information analysis in research development. From the general discussion it appears that the role of the university must change and that the Social Research Responsibility must be considered as one of the most important behavior of researchers and research institutions.  But, in France it was pin pointed that the evaluation system of the reserchers and laboratories was inadequate, especially for the people and laboratories engaged in Regional Development. The multidisciplinary approach of research and innovation  propblems is almost the only one available at the moment. Unfortunately in France this aspect of research is completely out of the scope of the CNRS as well as the Ministry of Research and Education.

The comparison of for instance France and China (which accomplish a tremendous effort in Information Science) and Brazil (with for instance the Lattes Vitae database of Researchers) underlined the lack of information science laboratories in the French Universities, the lack of transparency in  evalutation and expertise in France, the lack of Technical Universities. This situation  because of the moving and very competitive environment is a real brake for the France re-industrialization.

This position in a certain way sterilized the collaboration between SMEs and research loboratories. Moreover the regional policy makers very seldomly second these laboratoires in their struggle for a right and ethic evalutation by the French research institutions. In an historical moment where the job creation is one of the higher priority for the state, the potential of the research and academic institutions failed in this domain.

At the moment where an important effort is asked to the French taxpayer as well as to the enterprises, it seems a pity that the French political institutions did not develop a strategic vision which will redirect the role of French Research and Education to solve or respond the the French Society demands. This situation mainly due to an ideologic frame of mind will have a dramatic consequence for the French future.

All the meeting interventions and speaches done during the meeting  as well as a global synthesis will be available in a next article of CIWORLDWIDE.

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