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The Franco-Chinese center for Technology Transfer

novembre 10th, 2013 Posted in Asia, Europe, France

 centre transfer franco chinois hunan

During the last five years, the Franco Chinese Association for Compétitive Intelligence, which was created at the join initiative of the Centre of Competitive Intelligence of the Hunan Province in China and the AIFIE (Association Internationale Fracophone d’Intelligence Economique), favoured various meetings in France and in China. These meetings paved the way of a better understanding of the goals of both Institutions and strenghten a mutual copperation. Now, the time is coming for a more realistic approach of the cooperation: the technology transfer between France and China and China and France for the mutual benefit of both nations and within the framework of the Hunan Province.

We wish here to present the whereabouts of the Franco Chinese Center of Technology Transfer of Hunan. The full presentation of the transfer is available here.

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