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THe International Connecting Day - Worshop animated by the DIRECCTE - Competitive Intelligence and Export

octobre 15th, 2013 Posted in Europe, France

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stand direccte This is in Nantes, at the initiative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Nantes – St Nazaire that the 5th  edition of the International Connecting Day took place on October 3rd 2013. This manifestation turned to export and development of international strategies was the occasion to group various actors of this sector (mainly SMEs), providing in a synthetic way information to the enterprises present. During the day moreover the exhibition, various workshops took place, as for instance the one organized by the DIRECCTE (Region Loire): “La veille stratégique un outil indispensable pour détecter des marchés à l’exportation” “Strategic watch an invaluable tool to detect foreign markets”.

  This workshop was the opportunity for the DIRECCTE (Director Marc Frenger Pech Gour), the Professor Henri Dou, the ARIST with Philippe Epaillard, and Benoit Laurenceau from the  SME Dietaxion  to present different experiences and facilities able to help SMEs in their process of international development. Marc Frenger Pech Gour introduced the round table, underlining the critical role of exportation for the SMEs. He indicated that the large assistance was the testimony of the reception of this message by the SMES. He also indicated various facilities offered by the DIRECCTE to help SMEs in their export process. The contribution of the ARIST to provide to SMEs courses and tips to facilitate the information retrieval was underlined. The SME Dietaxion presented the all the steps which drove this enterprise from classical crude calcium for animal nutrition to elaborated products able to be exported.

dou frenger During his talk, the Professor Henri Dou underlined the critical role of Information, languages and cultural knowledge (full text in French and English). He also made a focus on the role of Patent Information to answer to the questions: who is doing what, where and when. During the presentation he emphasized the role of APA automatic patent analysis, which nowadays, is available at a very low cost to SMEs and individuals.

The very important assistance asked many questions about the role of patent information, the translation tools available, the network organization of already exporting companies, the facilities offered by various states services, etc. At the end of the talk an important documentation about the activities of the DIRECCTE and the APA (Automatic Patent Analysis – Matheo-Software company) where provided to the participants.

THe connecting day was closed by a conference given by the Professor Jean Luc Domenach: China and Occident, Competitors today and Parners tomorrow?

Some presentations concerning the other workshops are available here.

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