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Everythig is alright - Une rose pour mon pays - by Dr HDR Sri Damayanty Manullang

septembre 19th, 2013 Posted in Asia, Europe, France
couverture sri book  In  developing countries le introduction in the civil societ of the concept of Competitive Intelligence is not so easy. This is the reason why, Dr HDR Sri Damayanty Manullang, which studied in Marseille at the CRRM under the supervision  of Professor Henri Dou, decided to write a book about her life trajectory, from the village of Toba Samosir (Sumatera, Indonesia), to Marseille and to the promotion in Indonesia of Competitive Intelligence.

This book is intended for a very varied public. It introduces in a fictionalized way the concept of Competitive Intelligence (Economic) so as to make it perceptible by all. The author describes her childhood in the countryside (Sumatra), with her small business successes (sales of cakes, of ices) the enamelled whole of so much seizing anecdotes they are realistic and fascinating.

 Then comes time from the High school then of the University, the fear of mathematics and finally Sarjana (in French language) and  the discovery of the Capital  Jakarta. The “improvement” of the language and the arrival in France of the author allowed an improbable meeting with the Competitive Intelligence and the Master degree taught at the University of Aix Marseilles III, from where a departure of Paris towards the “Province”. Is held her to the Master degree then with the doctorate and finally with an Accreditation To Supervise Research.

But, this book goes well beyond from a description, the human sides with the “French romance”, the “life which goes on” are not forgotten. It is much more than one novel, it is a slice of life which is described.

 book sri couvertureThe will of the author, in her firm conviction to develop the Competitive Intelligence in Indonesia, led her to note that without political will, there would be no development, from where a commitment in policy and a rich and varied electoral campaign leading to an election of deputy “missed death by a hair’s breadth”.

The final part of the book then presents the concepts holding and outcome of the Economic Intelligence, its international aspects and the need for setting up a political will within an Indonesian national plan. Well presented, in a direct way, lively and percussion, enamelled with truer “anecdotes” this Indonesian  “best  seller”  has the advantage of avoiding a too didactic, tedious presentation for the general public. It plays at the same time the part of novel but also it facilitates the perception of the concept of  Competitive Intelligence  in multiple layers of the Indonesian society

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