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Conference and Education Course - Competitive Intelligence accelerator of the Regional Development - MCCI Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Hen Dou, France Business School

juillet 18th, 2013 Posted in France, Indian Ocean

page une conf maurice  This is during “les matinées de Scien ce Po” (June 27th 2013) that a conference on  Competitive Intelligence Accelerator of the Regional Development has been done by the Professor Henri Dou, Director of ATELIS (fBS France Business School). The conference was organized by the MCCI Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the IEP of Aix en Provence (France).  During the conférence various aspects of CI were presented (information access and validation, cycle of Intelligence, Innovation and clusters (PPP Public and Private Partnerships), road maps, key role of patent information, importance of the prospective and of the forecat, etc…) as well as various applications concerning Mauritius Island. Various questions coming from the public underlined all the interest of the Competitive Intelligence approach. Local problems such as the crisis and its impact on tourism, the energy problems, the pollution and environmental respect etc.  were discussed.

After le conference a Course of Competitive Intelligence its basic aspects, methods and tools was provided by the Professor Henri Dou during the afternoon of the 27th and the 28th and 29th. The couse was done at the MCCI building in Cibercity.

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