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Internationa seminar on Competitive Intelligence Manado (Indonesia) May 25th 2013 by Pr. Henri Dou (Director of Atelis) - Intelligence Economique

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banderole indo mai 2013

unima auditorium This is on May 25th 2013 that at the initiative of UNIMA (Universitas Negara Manado) a seminar of Competitive Intelligence was held at UNIMA Campus (Tomohon SULUT). This meeting which gathered a large number of Professors and students was developed by the Professor Henri Dou (Director of Atelis, France Business School) around the role of Competitive Intelligence to maintain the competitiveness of the North Sulawesi in the 20 years to come. During? his presentation the Professor Henri Dou insisted on the drastic changes which are going to occur in the next 30 years (energy, weather change, competition and scattering of regional states, lost of power of the central governments, necessity for the region to maintain (or develop) helth security, education, security, and industry). But, to reach such objectives it will be necessary to develop the financial facilities thrugh industry and services. To accelerate this development the use of the Competitive Intelligence methods and tools is necessary.

manado dou mai 2013  The promotion of strong links between university and industry was underlined as well as the necessary commitment of the local government in this direction. This prompted for the development of innovative clusters and the creation of regional strategic think tanks to look to the the future in a prospective way. The development of a regional observatory which will make available all the differents material aspects of the region (industry, education, resources, …) and immaterial (know-how, competences, etc.) is critical.

manado mai 2013 audiance The questions of the audience (see the? pictures May 2013 of some professors and many students)were very interesting and specific, showing a deep interest for this question. Among these: What is the status of Competitive Intelligence in Indinesia, how can I introduce new way of thinking in eductaional program, how to develop innovative projects, how the regional government may help to propmote a Competitive Intelligence program, does Competitive Intellgence is widely used in Indonesia, etc…

The conslusion of the meeting was that Competitive intelligence should nbe introduced as a specific modulus in various universty degrees but that in the same time a regional program aimed to the civil society should be developed.

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