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Competitive Intelligence a tool for the regional development - L’Intelligence Economique un outil pour le développement régional - Corse Mai 2013

mai 26th, 2013 Posted in Europe, France

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This is at the initiative of the Ministry of Defence, the University of Corsica and the IHEDN (Institut des Hautes Etudes de la Defense Nationale) that a meeting about the use of Competitive Intelligence for the regional development of the island what held in Bastia, May 27th, 2013.? ? The program of the meeting presented all the aspects of Competitive Intelligence which could be specifically used for the development of the regional economy. Among all the discussions several critical points were underlined: Corsica could, because of its position and its resources develop an original model whre the sustainability, the energy, the development of local agricultural resources? the immaterial industry? the tourism and an international vision could play a central role.

But to reach such an objective it is necessary to have a strong commitment of the civil society, the policy makers and the university and research. The development of innovation through innovative clusters is critical. People must think differently and look to the future with a new mind set. This is why the development of local strategic think tanks is necessary yo promte the necessary development guidelines and the associated governance.

The various speakers were the following:

- Monsieur JUILLET Alain – Consultant International – Président de l’Académie d’intelligence Economique – Président du club des directeurs de sécurité des entreprises

- Monsieur BELMONT Hervé – Directeur de la DIRECCTE de Corse – Commissaire au redressement productif pour la Corse

- Monsieur BUCHLER Hervé – Directeur Régional sud de la Direction de la Protection et de la Sécurité de la Défense du Ministère de la Défense

- Monsieur BOUDRANDI Stéphane – Directeur du Développement de l’I.E.P d’Aix-en-Provence – Directeur du Centre de Formation d’Intelligence Economique et Stratégique (CFIES) de l’I.E.P d’Aix-en-Provence

- Monsieur CLERC Philippe – Conseiller Expert Intelligence économique internationale Senior Advisor for Global Competitive Intelligence, Direction International, Industrie, Innovation, Intelligence économique, CCI France

- Monsieur DOU Henri – Professeur des universités – Directeur d’ATELIS France Business School

Kea&Partners était représenté par Jérôme Julia, qui est intervenu sur le thème du patrimoine immatériel comme source de compétitivité et de développement pour la Corse

During his presentation, the Professor Henri Dou (Director of Atelis) underlined the smart move of the Corsica University towards Competitive Intelligence by the creation of a diploma of post doctoral study in this domain, as well as the registration for the doctor degree of foreign students (China, Indonesia, Africa). He also thank the CTC (Corsica Regional Government) for its help and commtment to develop Competitive Intelligence. Alain Juillet insisted on the fact that a regional consensus must be reach on the objective of the development and a steady strategy should be developed to meet the worldwide competition. Philippe Clerc (CCI France) insisted of the key role of innovation and co-innovative clusters and cited different examples among which St Pierre et Miquelon island and the Maritime Provinces of Canada..

The end of the meeting gathered the speakers and the audience for a round table where various points of view were exchanged.  More information (in French) about the meeting is available here.

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