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Festival Gépolitique de Grenoble - Geopolitical Grenoble Festival

avril 9th, 2013 Posted in Europe, France

This is in Grenoble from April 4th to 7th that the Geopolitical Festival was hold. The theme of the Festival was Globalization, ? Excesses, Threats, General Forecast. The? general program of the festival was very important and was hold on sevral places aong them the Grenoble Ecole de Management for most of the communications and conferences and the CCI (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Grenoble). Sides ivents were also hold at the IGA (Institut de Géographie Alpine) and Science Po Grenobe.

  CCI Grenoble Geoplitique 2013The  program presented at the CCI dealt with the Globalization and Competitiveness and took place Friday 5th April at the Chamber of Commerce. Among the presentation M. Marcel Morabito from the CEA presented different invariants necessary to sustain and make possible the competitivenss. This analysis was done from various intreviews and visists made all around the world. The Professor Henri Dou (Director of Atelis Strategic Intelligence Workroom, fBS France Business School)? presented the? Intellectual Property in China, its trends and analysis. Philippes Clerc (Conseiller Intelligence Economique CCI France)  presented the impact of the norms on the international commerce an show how the various standards developed in different countries meddle within the competitiveness of SMEs and thus create a sort of Geopolitical Norms system. We also noted a presentation of M. Thibaud Renard from  CCI France which concerned the main International Expositions and through their history the vision of ? the geopolitical aspects of the countries competition.

 The assistance was consistant all along the day and many questions were asked to the speakers. The reception of the CCI Grenoble was very sigificative and warm as ell as the of the welcome President  Jean Vaylet

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