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Competitive Intelligence applied to research - Poitiers Mars 19th 2013 - Intelligence Economique appliquée ? la recherche

mars 29th, 2013 Posted in France

assistance poitiers 2013  This is in Poitiers, at the initiative of the IAE (Inttitut d’Administration des Entrprises) and the University of Poitiers? that a seminar of Competitive Intelligence applied to research has been organized. This seminar which mixed students and people from education, governmental institutions and industry was a full success. After the presentation of various aspects of Competitive Intelligence by the students of the Master of the IAE, various experts preseted their point of view and discussed various aspects of Competitive Intelligence. The introduction was done by the President of the University and a general presentation of the seminar was done by the Professor Nicolas Moinet of the IAE and the conclusion by the representative of the Prefet of the Region.  The program covered most of the aspects of Competitive Intelligence, from security, technology, research transfers and international aspects.

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Among the presentation the international aspects of Competitive Intellgence were preseted by the Professors Pierre Fayard and Henri Dou. Professor Fayard insisted of the possibility offered by the various French researchers which in various contries contributed to create a network with the French institutions. He gave the example of Chile and also to other different South American countries. The Professor Dou presented various aspects of his feeling when he travelled overseas (Intervention): the ultra-development of Asia, the development of Competitive Intelligence in Brazil which as an example the database Lattes (free access database of the Brazilian researcher competencies), the very short time from decision to action and for China the tremendous effort done in information science and information analysis with the CNKI portal and the SIPO portal to access the Chinese Patents. His global view is that in many countries people do not speak so much of Competitive Intelligence but practiced it and applied it everydays.

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