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Relève politique et enjeux industriels en Chine - Political change and industrial challenges in China

mars 6th, 2013 Posted in Europe, France

This is on Thursday 4th of October 2012 that at the “Maison des Champs Elysées” Paris 8iéme that the “Lettre de Chine” presented avrious analysis and points of view about the political change and the industrial challenges in China. Chine which is now the first patent filling country in the world and which took the second place in the world economy is going to move from the “made in Chine” to the ‘designed in China”.  This situation must prompt all the people interested by these dramatic changes to know more about China and the future of its development.  During  the presentation done in Paris various contributors to the “Lettre de Chine” presented their point of view. The global? exam of the Chinese close future from every angle is reported in the “Lettre de Chine” which can be considered as a milestone on this point of view.

The full texte of the letter as well as the condition of subscription are available through the following web site the letter can also be downloaded directly by clicking here.

There is also the opportunity to have one month of free access to the “cercle de Chine”, to exange ideas, information … about the trend in economy, industry and policy in China by mailing to

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