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Techniques de l’Ingénieur - Maîtriser la Veille pour l’Intelligence Scientifique - Mastering Scientific Intelligence - Concepts, Methods, tools

février 6th, 2013 Posted in Africa, Europe, France, Indian Ocean

tech ing 2013  The Edition “Techniques de l’Ingénieur” issued in January 2013 a compilation of concepts, methods and tools, which will enable academics and industrialists to make a better usage of all the information available in their technical and scientidic environment. This compendiaum, written by several specalists presents for each technique, the concept, the methodology and they linked both to the tools necessary to perform the search, the analysis, etc. The availability of this information online is on the following site: . It allows to experiment directly the tools described in the methods and concepts.

Among the presentation available we indicate here as and example the aspects of the Intellectual Property, since patents are a link between science and industry and because the patents can provide to companies or laboratories ideas for further innovations. Moreover, for SMEs which often develop their innovation through outsourcing must consider the knowledge of patent information as a crucial step prior to outsourcing. The following example has been developed by Professor Henri Dou (ATELIS, France Business School fBS).

Exploiter les bases de données brevets pour surveiller l’innovation  (Take advantage of the patent databases to watch innovation) - Analyser efficacement vos brevets (How to analyze efficiently your patents - Outil d’APA (Automatic Patent Abalysis): (APA tool) Matheo-Patent ( )

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