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Book - Intelligence Compétitive - Quelques réflexions - Henri Dou

janvier 8th, 2013 Posted in Africa, Asia, Europe, France, Indian Ocean, Middle East, North Africa, North America, South America

livre français CI regi dev Amazon  This book, which is published on Amazon in the Kindle format, is done to allow students, SMEs, individuals to access to this information at a very low cost. This book presents in French various texts from recent conférences and workshops from Henri Dou and al. Most of the aspects of Competitive Intelligence are coverded, from concepts, methods and tools. The aspect of innovation development from Patent information is developed with various examples. The book ends with the presentation of various lobbying actions developed  in various countries but which did not get the continuity and the necessary attention from the French administration, various comments are done by the author concerning the French actions in these domains.

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