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Introducing the presentation of Philippe Clerc (CCIF CCI France) at the French Challenge of Strategic Intelligence

décembre 10th, 2012 Posted in France

Thi is at the French Parliament (Colbert’s room)  that the 11th of December 2012 a meeting dealing with the “French Challenge of Strategic Intelligence” will take place. This present various view dealing with:

The Economic Intelligence (Competitive Intelligence) at the service of the France’s Competitiveness, International and France, The Economic Intelligence (Competitive Intelligence) at the service of the French Enterprises, a New Place for the State and the Territories.

To introduce the intervention of Philippe Clerc, we present here two significant papers dealing with :

L’Intelligence Territoriale et l’Apprentissage de la Stratégie (Territorial Intelligence and Strategy Learning) (published in Archimag).

Management de l’Intelligence Stratégique? (Strategic Intelligence Management). An Experimental European Standard.

? photo ClercThese two papers underline the importance of the International aspect of Competitive Intelligence to develop the ad hoc French strategies as well as to develop an European Influence. The paper dealing with the Strategic Intelligence Management? has been developed by Spain and France, an linked to it Brazil proposes the creation of a Committee for “Research Development and Innovation - Process Management”. We hope that the French initiatives as well as a dynamic development of the French ? Competitive Intelligence abroad will help the SME and ETI to consider innovation and export as one of the best way to develop or create Competitive Advantages.

In the same time as companion of the former initiatives it will be wise to extend in SMEs and ETI an extensive Strategic Information Management and Analysis such as for instance the APA (Automatic patent Analysis). It is clear, today, that information is the starting point beyond which Competitive Intelligence and Competitive Technical Intelligence  can be developed with success.

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