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UNESCO - Women and African Development - Paris November 29th 2012

décembre 10th, 2012 Posted in Africa, France

unesco paris 2012 This is at the UNECO in Paris, that the International Union of Association (UATI) and the International Union of the Engineers, organized a joint meeting about the “Women and the African Dvelopment - Rsearch at the service of health esthetic”.  This meeting was followed by a large assistance and many questions were asked to the speakers. Among them we noted the conference of of Dr Giles Boetsch of Professor Philippe Piccerelle, of Doctor Patrick Sérée and of Professor Henri Dou.

The various interventions pointed out that the women’s skin treatment (bleaching) in Africa is widely spread, but that it may cause various deseases if the products used for this treatment are not carrefuly selected. It was also pointed out that the eradication of the custom is difficult and that it will be better to help the women to choose natural products with less harmful potential. The program of the meeting is available here.

The Professor Henri dou (Director of ATELIS - France Business School) underlined the fact that technics such as the APA (Automatic Patent Analysis) may provide the information necessary to start or improve the local production of natural cosmetics. It was followed in this  view by the representant of the L’Occitane Fundation which developed a steady work in Burkina Faso. Th full text and presentation of the inetervention of Professor Henri Dou are available here full paper presentation, PowerPoint presentation.

In introduction various officials underlined the fact that there is a need to develop in Africa a “genuine costemic line” since all the natural ingredients are present in various different plants.

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